Brentoni Reading Glasses

Brentoni offer a huge selection of reading glasses from 1.0 to 4.0. Whether traditional styles and shapes are your thing, or funky, sassy and cool – there is a pair of Brentoni Reading Glasses to suit your style and needs. Made from top quality materials, our readers are fitted with spring temples for the most comfortable fit. From styles for people who need a larger frame to folding readers that fit into a tiny case, Brentoni will always offer you a flattering style that you will love to wear

Brentoni Kiddies Eyewear

Funky and fun with 400UV protection – be as cool as Mom and Dad. Brentoni Kids Eyewear lets your little one feel hip, cool and stylish while still protecting their eyes. Always remember how vulnerable your child's eyes are to strong sunlight – never look directly at the sun, even when wearing sunglasses.

Brentoni Sunglasses

The Brentoni Sunglass range is constantly being updated to make you have the latest styles and trends, at the same time making certain that the range has those traditional lines that never go out of style.

Ballistic Polarized Eyecare

Style, functionality and performance all in one single package. For young or old, there is a pair of Ballistics to suit you. All our frames are made from high quality Polyamid Nylon No. 6, providing incredible strength and allowing for flexibility without breakage. Our polarised lenses are made from top quality Japanese materials and are thicker and stronger than standard polarised lenses– simply press on the lens to feel the difference. Whether you are out at sea or driving on a wet road, Ballistic Polarised Lenses make sure you see what you need to


D.O.W. Blades and Tools are made from high quality 420 stainless steel to give you a hard-working, long-lasting functional tool. Whether hiking, camping, fishing, diving or hunting ? we've got the blade to get you through!


Maple blades are divided into two ranges. The traditional Maple is a high-tech functional tool with 440 stainless steel and scales made from high quality aluminium, stainless steel or G10. Whether you are using a Maple blade for everyday use or something a little more serious, this blade will slice through? No questions asked!

Maple Hunter - this range with wooden or bone scales is aimed at outdoorsmen, with classic styling and the same high quality 440 stainless steel blades that made the original Maple such an enormous success. These blades are rugged, practical and reliable.

Joseph Rodgers

The world famous trademark was granted by the Cutlers Company in Hallamshire in 1682 and we continue to produce knives that Joseph himself would have been happy to own.